Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beloved Father's B'day (70)...

On 21st Feb was ma father's b'day...and for the 1st time on his b'day he wants to make a celebration with all family around him...what a surprise?...what i know ma father don't like to celebrate his b'day, usually we just wish him and give some present without any cake and blowing candle..

Actually ma father just invited our close family but when the day comes,ma house was full with all ma father's siblings n some of our neighbor...what is the most thing that i love from this kenduri was we all gather along to make the celebration success, all the siblings working together start from early in the morning till late nite of the day...the best part was where all of his son n daughter gave present to him with full of tears n love wonderful n memorable nite..i love that makes ma whole family more wish to ma beloved father HJ MUSTAFFA B HJ SIRAJ...hope the best for your whole life...long lasting live...
n always be the best father ever...LOVE U!


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  1. Salam MauliduL Rasul 1430H..
    Hayati perjuangan ikuti teladan sebarkan keperibadian Nabi Junjungan..
    Smg kehidupan dalam ketenangan...